Uttarakhand trip

Small trip

After 2020 January this was my first trip, February 2021. After a Long stressful situation. Corona counts were very low, so I decided to go to someplace where I can roam around without a mask. After all searches, got this place, Rajaji national park. This place took by road 1&1/2 hours from Dehradun airport. The place was very quiet and peaceful, pollution label was low, Green forest, chilling weather, no crowd. My resort was almost inside the jungle. My room was on the corner. From there the view was fantastic, and from one point I got glimpse of Haridwar and Rishikesh .

Early morning birds chirping was my alarm. I have seen many types of bird species. I have taken many pictures of birds and peacocks. The experience was amazing. After morning walk my breakfast was different types of parathas and curd. Nighttime clear sky, pin-drop silence, bright stars… what else you need, but there were some restrictions, after 10 pm we can’t sit outside the room, that was not safe. At midnight elephants and leopard, sounds alerted though I am in the jungle. One day, I was returning from someplace, in my way many tree branches were on the road, my driver said maybe we can see the elephant, maybe he can attack, so be careful. But I reached safely. After this refreshment, back to my daily routine.

Published by daisy

I love to travel and collect souvenir. Photography and singing is my hobby, I collect natures picture 🏝

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